SMY 133 instrument with optional power quality module (PQ-S) shares all the common features of standard SMY 133. It addiitionally measures flicker inidices, interharmonic distortion and voltage events. An internal PQ Main archive is also active to separately store all data required to correctly measure power quality and evaluate it according to the EN 50160 standard. On the screen of SMY new quantities and the week PQ evaluation is also presented. Ripple control signals in regards to the power quality are also evaluated by PQ-S.
✔ Class S complaint as per IEC 61000-4-30-Edition III
✔ Sag, Swell, Interruption, flicker and Ripple Measurements
✔ Harmonics and interharmonics upto 50th order of V and I
✔ Can be used as a Data logger and enable to access third party Modbus devices
✔ Supported by ENVIS software, excellent graphical representation and excel format and also user friendly

Technical Specifications

✔ Measuring multimeter and analyzer of actual network data
✔ 512 Mb internal memory
✔ 4 or 6 quadrant, three-phase energy meter (kWh, kvarh)
✔ Alternatively registers apparent energy also in kVAh (bivector electricity meter funtion)
✔ Pulse outputs and programmable alarm relays (option RR, RI, II)
✔ Single-phase, three-phase or Aron connection
✔ Direct & indirect voltage and current connection (can specify VT and CT ratio)
✔ Precise continuous measurement, 128 samples/period, independent 6.4 kHz sampling
✔ Voltage and current: class 0.5 / 0.2 according to 61557-12
✔ Energy: active 0.5, reactive class 1 according to 61557-12, 62053-22 resp. -23
✔ Built-in temperature sensor, binary input (state or pulse)
✔ Optional remote RS 485 or 10/100Mbit RJ45 Ethernet communication
✔ Optional inputs for special split core and throughole CTs (option P and S)