ARTIQ 144 is an extremely precise meter and analyser for remote monitoring of energy consumption and power quality parameters in submetering and smart metering applications. The DIN rail mountable display-less design with multiple communication options is suitable for a wide spectrum of automation tasks in industrial applications, modern buildings, remote supervison of the infrastructure and also for the energy management.
Its input, output and communication interface portfolio can be optionally extended with additional modules for extra functionality. Currently a 10/100 MBit Ethernet, USB, M-Bus and wireless(ZigBee, WiFi) extensions are available.
This compact instrument is an ideal high-end source of data for modern SCADA systems with embedded support for Modbus and M-Bus protocol. Etehernet versiion also prowides webserver with actual data. It is also supported by the ENVIS application.

Technical Specifications
✔ Four independent voltage and current inputs (4x1p, 3p-wye, 3p-delta, Aaron...)
✔ Direct and indirect voltage measurement for LV, MV and HV environments
✔ Through-hole or split-core/clamp-on current transformers
✔ Electricity meter class 0.2S: supports 3 tariffs, single- and three-phase measurement in four quadrants
✔ Sampling frequency 14,4 kHz, 128 s./period in 10/12 periods
✔ Datalogger with 512 Mb of flash memory for electricity meter readings, main archive, logs etc
✔ Wide range of power supply options (U:75-510 VAC, 80-350 VDC, L:20-75 VDC, 24-48 VAC)
✔ Fully programmable digital output (relay or impulse)
✔ Standard embedded RS-485 interface
✔ Optional second RS 485 or 2 additional digital inputs
✔ Expansion module with Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
✔ Expansion module with M-Bus support
✔ Expansion module with USB
✔ Expansion module with WiFi or ZigBee wireless
✔ Other custom expansion modules can be developed upon request