ARTIQ 235 is an advanced compact power quality moniter for distribution network monitoring, heavy duty industrial automation and larger energy management projects. Extremely precise power monitor and energy meter in combination embedded data logger and event recorder makes it an ideal solution for higher added value projects. Display-less version is available for tough and demanding environments.

ART IQ is equipped with Ethernet communication Interface, USB and RS 485 serial line. Configuration and data management are provided with ENVIS application. In combination with ENVIS.OnIine service the archived data can be periodically stored to the SQL database and automatically processed.

Standards: measures according to EN 61000-4-30 ed. 3 CLASS A, EN 61000-4-7 ed. 2 class l, EN 610004-15 ed. 2.0 F I , reports power quality according to EN 50160 ed3, active energy measures in IEC 62053-22 class o.2S, reactive in E-C 62053-22 class 2, conforms to IEC EN 61557-12.

Key Features
✔ Three independent voltage and four current inputs continuously sampled at 28 kHz/ch
✔ Precise active and reactive energy, 3 TOU tariffs, three- and single-phase meter readings
✔ Embedded FRS-485, Ethernet and USB interface
✔ IEC 61557-12: voltage and current in class 0.1, active power class 0.2, reactive class 2
✔ Low consumption and heat dissipation, wide range operating temperature
✔ LCD display as option
✔ Input for Pt100 temperature sensor

Typical connection schema