Foretec Engineers are specialists in the field of Power Quality and Energy Management to improve Energy Efficiency for any type of applications like Industrial, Health Care, IT Sector, Commercial Complex, etc for the past 12 Years

FORETEC ENGINEERS are having dedicated design team and facility for Site Investigation, Design, Manufacture of Power Quality Products (Standard and Customized), Passive Filters for Harmonic Filtering. Foretec Engineers are familiar in designing of Passive Harmonic Filters for Induction Melting Furnace application, and any type of large size power guzzling industry, where variable frequency drives (VFD), Induction furnace, UPS, Computers or any type of Nonlinear load are extensively deployed.

Several such filters manufactured and installed by us in many industry verticals, stand a testimony for their capability. Foretec Engineers are a force to be reckoned with, in the field of Power Quality, Energy Management and Thermal Imaging of electrical and Mechanical installations.

With the advent of reliable high power electronic components and rapid advances in power electronics, Induction Furnace, variable frequency drives (VFD), Servo Drives, LED Drivers, Computers and UPS are used extensively in all industries for all general application, precision in control, Automation with increased efficiencies.

On the other hand, the harmonic effects created by these drives are enormous, causing concern to the utility companies and industries. thus created, has potential to interfere with nearby equipment, reducing their life, resulting in random tripping of breakers and affecting utility power quality, apart from affecting  all the components and Motors itself due to excess heat generation, which are all affecting the energy efficiency. 

Also Transients, Sag, Swell, Notches and other issues in Power will agrevate the situation as worst in the Industry are more prone 

To mitigate these problems, Foretec Engineers design, manufacture and supply the products for any Power Quality Issues which is to be interposed between incoming power line and drive.

Foretec's range of Passive Filtering products consisting of their Improved version of Low or High Pass Inductors with Shunt Filters, Ultra Heavy Duty Capacitors, Resistors and specially designed reactors with High Linearity with zero cross switching arrangement reduce the total harmonic content It greatly reduces the amount of harmonic currents flowing through the distribution system. Harmonic filters are all tailor made to suit individual industry requirement to provide promised performance. This warrants experts with long experience in providing harmonics mitigation solutions to large electrical plants .This is exactly where Foretec Engineers score over others.

Foretec's Real Time Power Factor Enhancement system are familiar in the Industry, which are all for Heavy Duty, Durable, Failure and Maintenance free.

As Energy Efficiency is the main focus of Foretec Engineers, their solution for managing energy and Control over remote and their concept for conservation is really excellent and un-compromised products and its services are proven in the Industry.

Mr.K.Ravichandren Chief Executive, is an Electrical Engineer with several decades of experience in electrical maintenance and project management in various industry verticals like foundry, steel rolling mills, chemicals and foods in India and overseas

Mr.A.D.Thirumoorthy, a post graduate engineer and MS in Power Quality is serving as Head Power Quality. He has over 3 decades of experience in power utility. He has experience in Smart Grid, Metering techniques, Renewable Energy, Energy Storage and Evacuation facility, Power Quality and Energy Efficiency. He is working as a consultant for Railways and many other leading Industrial and other organisations like Indian Wind Power Association, APQI (Asia Power Quality Initiative) and member of Demand Side Management Consultant Committee in TNERC.


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